The history of the Neitsutniemi mansion begins in the 1600s, when Queen Kristina of Sweden donated the land of the village of Siitola to the Latvian Baron Reinhold von Ungern-Sternberg. Later, a mansion was built on this site, the owners of which experienced the historical experience of the reigns of Sweden and the Russian Empire, as well the birth of tourism and industry in Finland and on Vuoksa.

The mansion “Neitsytniemen” is one of the most important part of the city of Imatra. The estate, built in the 1600s, but still preserved in the form in which it was originally. Touch the history and spend your day or event in a truly historic place where famous Finnish citizens lived, from the Zilliakus family to the famous William von Nottbeck (owner and director of the Finlayson cotton factory). There is also a multi-night accommodation service. The backyard offers stunning views of the Vuoksa river.

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