Villa Malmi

“Villa Malmi” is one of the attractions and part of the history of Imatra!

Touch the history and celebrate an anniversary, wedding, birthday, corporate party and much more. There are also special offers for business meetings. If you need time to resolve important business matters, you can also stay at Villa Malmi for a few days (details by phone or email). It can accommodate up to 10 people.

Here you will find a spacious hall with a beautiful view of the large courtyard, terrace, and the Vuoksa river. In the courtyard, there is everything for organizing a party of the highest level, a large area for installing tents with a sauna on the bank of the river.

Surrounded by unforgettable natural beauty, the building is located just 800 meters from the center of Imatrankoski. The Villa has been completely renovated, but at the same time has preserved its historical beauty.

The beachside sauna is also available for private events or official meetings. In the room, you can feel a pleasant atmosphere, as if the big leaders are negotiating until late in the evening, smoking cigars, perhaps over a glass of your favorite drink and discussing the terms of contracts. And from the window, you can watch the sunset and beautiful nature.

We will always be happy to organize any of your events!


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