Our extensive experience in the restaurant industry has given us not only information but also an understanding of success in the restaurant business and HoReCa sector. We worked in the kitchen, human resource management, product development, and management. Thanks to our extensive experience, we have developed an understanding of this business.

That’s why we want to help you and share our experience with you.

We offer assistance in the field of “human resource management”, organizing events and, for example, launching various business operations (from menu design to understanding business strategy). We help and plan the selection and purchase of goods, budgeting, and so on.

Knowledge and experience bring certainty to the creation process. We listen to your wishes and build on Your needs.

We advise not only companies but also private clients. We can offer assistance and know-how to organize a successful festival or help you organize various types of events, as well as start-ups.

Always at your service with great professionalism,

restaurant Manager Thomas Dufva.

The manager of the restaurant
Thomas Dufva
tel.+358 50 560 4447

Juan Antonio
tel.+358 41 742 8236